Beautiful Even with Allergies!

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Spring is over
Summer is over
So how come you are still sneezing?  Come to think about it, you do have several allergy symptoms.  What is going on?
Well, did you know that there is a plant called Ragweed which starts realizing it pollen in August?  Wondering the relevance? Three quarters of those allergic to spring plants are allergic to Ragweed.  The bad news? Even if you don't live near Ragweed, its pollen travels hundreds of miles on the wings of the wind.  Furthermore, there's mold and dust mites hovering around that might come to awaken runny noses, coughing watery eyes, sneezing, dark circles under your eyes, and itchy noses and eyes.
That's is not good news.  We love looking our best all the time, and more so for these last months of the year with all the festivities approaching.
How do you go about beauty in the midst of allergies?

Simple, we have good news: Zyrtech partnered with Beauty blogger Carmen Ordonez to give us simple and effective do -it yourself beauty tips to put our best face forward and not miss out on any of our dates or seasonal festivities.  Actually it is a three part series that includes ideas like in the second phase:
○ How to Combat a Puffy Face: Drink plenty of water each day to help keep your
skin hydrated.
○ How to Combat a Puffy Face: Also, to reduce the appearance of a puffy face, rub
an ice cube over your face before applying your makeup.
○ How to Reduce the Appearance of Watery Eyes: Apply navy blue or cobalt
mascara to help the whites of your eyes appear brighter.
○ Less is more! Don’t overdo it with too much makeup.
To hear and see more of these tips take a look

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Isn't it wonderful that we have all these great solutions and #ZYRTECH to combat our #ALLERGYFACE?

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Keep beautiful!

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