Little Ones Get to Know Doki and The World!

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Having kids learn and discover from a very young age is really important to us.  You have read plenty of times where we mention that learning about other cultures, language, geography and basic things like habits, traditions and food will build tolerance and understanding of others: first big step towards a more peaceful world, we think.
Part of all of the above is ensuring kids are curious about their planet.   That translates into getting children start by getting to know the world around them. 
The love of learning is easy to achieve when think of little ones whose sole purpose is a carefree living of discovery and play.  So, for my little preschooler I make sure we have activities to share where I can sneak in education while we spend quality time together.  I found with the older munchkin that doing this will make it easier to learn and definitively long lasting
For example, when we go play at the park, we do run around and play in the sand box.  But we also take some time to examine plants, leaves, and insects.  As we inspect these, conversations evolve into bigger topics like:  a bee lives with many other bees and their home is called a bee hive.  All the bees have a queen bee.  The rest of the other bees have different tasks in the hive so it runs smoothly. Of course we inevitably talk about how honey is made and stored.
A day or two will pass when I will find little munchkin hiding under a blanket.  When I ask what she is doing, she tells me she is a bee and is in her hive making honey.  She proceeds to detail some portions of the honey making we discussed together.  Then her imagination takes over as she uses her stuffed dolphin to be the "queen bee"  and goes on to have a conversation with her on how they need to think of how they are going to share their honey with humans. It is then when she tells me she wants to have a honey stand like she had seen in a TV cartoon to sell the honey.
Wow, I was taken aback, not only was she really taking it all in, she went a step further thanks to her imagination to show the first  signs of an entrepreneur in the making!

This is why I can't wait for Doki, a new series for kids, to air next November 11th.  
Doki and his amigos are all curious and have big imaginations, just like preschoolers, and this makes them prone to great discoveries and learning about the world.  
Six friends will travel around the word in a plane.  Landing to discover new places and people while solving day to day problems to encourage children not to give up whenever they might encounter obstacles.
music, biology, geography,astronomy, art and music are some of the topics that will be present in the show.
Of course it will all be done in a very interesting way.  This mean that kids will learn with Doki things like where does silk come from, how does gravity work, or  what is a time zone.

We will be able to enjoy Doki every weekday at 5:30 ET / 2:30 PA on Discovery Familia chanel, the only Spanish-language network fully dedicated to serving the needs of Hispanic moms that live in the United States and their preschool children.

Time to let the spirit of exploration take over!  Invite Doki to your home for great learning fun just the way preschoolers do it: with curiosity and banking on their imagination!

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