New Year, New Life, Newlyweds!

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Target Wedding Registry
He is celebrating a bit more than usual this holiday season because of his upcoming wedding January first! We love the idea of starting a new life chapter along with the beginnings and hope that the new year brings with it.
When we went through the happy couple's wedding registry list at Target, it was no surprise to see included in it a Dyson vacuum cleaner!  We did a bee line for it and it is now crossed of the list.
Other items available at Target that we would have gotten him had he not included the vacuum cleaner could have been for example, the Kitchen Aid 5.4 Qt mixer or the weber One Touch BBQ.

However, we kind of felt bad for his fiancĂ©. Sure, she loves his dedication to a clean home, but a vacuum cleaner doesn't quite give the wedding gift those everlasting memories. 
So, we decided to give them a little something extra to celebrate, and give their gift our personal touch. Inspiration came easy at Target thanks to their fabulous assortment of everything for the home like Nesspresso coffee makers that could be paired to great every day coffee mugs, Calphalon pots to pair with great serving ware or contemporary bar ware to pair with Target's great wine selection. We stood for a while at the wine section considering if maybe we should help them stock up their cellar.
In the end, we decided on something a bit unexpected we hope.
Totally unrelated to the prized vacuum cleaner we are including a fabulous tree topper from Target's fun and unique Christmas shop. We thought this will get them quickly into getting ready for the holidays and anticipating their anniversary celebration year after year.
Additionally we got them a much needed suitcase, so as anniversary time approaches they can prepare a vacation or staycation to commemorate the amazing honeymoon they have planned!

To your happiness dear couple!  To your perfect #TargetWedding!
What has been the most memorable wedding gift you know off?  For us it was a pair of bikes that had the carry baskets full of picnic items.  Very romantic!