What Joy Cookies Bring!

We love the holidays!!
While it can have you speeding up your daily routine a bit, there is just so much to enjoy.
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What we love most about the holidays is that they always do make us take the time to count our blessings (and profess our gratitude like we shared here) as we enjoy our traditions. Last year we highlighted one of our favorite Christmastime traditions, luminaries!  You can read about it here
Another of our favorite traditions is our cookie time!
Every year this is the perfect reason for our closest girlfriends and relatives to come together as we all sit down for a rowdy girl night in. This girl night in has a purpose: we furiously decorate Christmas cookies that will be delivered to a daycare for the children if migrant workers.
This time the crowd was a little larger because I buckled in my munchkins into their Britax car seat and drove them with me to be part of our cookie celebration.
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Once all the hugs and quick catch up are in order, we get down to business.  After all there are a few generous batches of cookies to get baked and decorated.
As cookie smell fills the air, laughter sound start rising because the decorating can be serious business for a few creative souls in the bunch.  Some of us are less artistic than others who really get into it using all kinds of tweezers and special gadget to make the cookies look spectacular.  Those of us who are not that artistic, usually stick to the basic stockings and tree ornament cookies which come out very nicely once you stick to a creation you feel comfortable with.  Honestly, a few  "not decorated yet cookies" do not make it to see icing at all, instead we do periodic taste tests....to ensure the children will get the most delicious cookies ever....
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It is a long night, but a great one too.
Most people tell us what a great thing we are doing preparing cookies to brighten less fortunate children's holidays, but to be honest, it is a selfish act to reconnect with our dear ones and celebrate our friendships, love and the season.  It is also a good lesson for the children to always make time to smell the roses and enjoy the company of those we hold dear.  This allows for us to reflect a bit on the meaning of the holidays, all the while contributing in some way (big or small) to make it better for others, specially children. 
In our parental role, it mostly becomes all about our children: comforting them, ensuring their needs are covered, etc.  In the end we constantly focus on their current and future happiness and well-being. 
Which is why as firm believers of the unsurpassed protection and quality Britax offers, we tell our loved ones to put this brand on their Santa list for car seats, strollers, travel systems or baby carriers.
If you are on the nice list, you will be very happy to see this brand under your Christmas tree.:-)
#HolidaysConBritax rocks, Children first! Is always our conclusion because the Peace of mind knowing our kids are protected is indeed priceless. It enables us to focus on other matters like delivering those big smiles to kids eagerly waiting for their Christmas cookies :-). 

We hope you have the most amazing, loving and fulfilling holiday season this year.
cool moms cool tips blogstpot #holidaysconbritax
Before you go, tell us what are your favorite holiday traditions?

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