Let Movies Inspire Your Decor!

Many times movies inspire me to discover destinations or create ambiances that really make my heart flutter.
How many times have you watched beyond the movie itself and thought how much you would like to replicate a living room, a bed frame or wall decor at your home?  I know, not many go through this because you are into the plot of the film itself. But, I find myself day dreaming with set decor. With the recent release of The Hobbit movie, we were taken by details that truly make a statement in interior design. Read on this sponsored post to see what I mean.
Hobit Ornate metal details
I love doors, and when traveling will take lots of photos of all kinds of doors.  This door definitely caught my eye.  While it would be extremely expensive and a bit difficult to install something very close to this at home, I can always go back to other details that can convey the sentiment.  Take for example this lock and key system
See?  This ornate system can totally recreate the look and feel reminiscent of the door, right?
Once you open the Hobbit door and enter the main hall this is what you see:
Did you pick out any particular accents or accessories from this image?  We found two: the chest and the chandelier.  While the chest can truly take us on a hunt for months, the chandelier promises an easier gratification. At THIS site we found one that seems to be the very same one from the Hobbit's home!
You can get a few more ideas on a Hobbit's inspired decoration or anything on antique hardware visiting this site.
Tell us, do you get any ideas for your home from the movies like we do?

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