February is Love Month and National Soup Month

It is the month of Love!  Our friends at Muy Latinas Blogger  Network also reminded us that it is also national soup month.  Didn't know that!
Well Muy Latinas Blogger Network is inviting us to share our best soup recipes made with love!  You can participate by linking up below. 
Muy Latinas Blogger Network
If yo have read us for a bit, you know we don't have a favorite soup recipe yet.  Weare working on it :-)  So, the soup we are sharing is of a different kind.  One just percect for a "love me" moment.  The best way to love is to start with you, right?  Don't laugh, give us a chance.  Your "love me soup" will give you some  me time with natural ingredients that perhaps you already have in your kitchen, so you don't have to worry about anything else but indulging in you as you soak in you wonderful self!

So, here it is, within the spirit of Valentine's, of course, a chocolate bath!  I call it "chocolate head to to toe soup".  To your warm water filled bath tub ad:
Instructions: mix and dip!
Both cocoa and wine act as antioxidants to help preserve our youthfulness.  Wine also adds some exfoliating to the mix helping you loosen up dead cells to promote skin renewal.  All you need to do is indulge.

In the mood for a goddess-like soak like June did (Roman queen of all Gods)  Queens like Cleopatra and Elizabeth 1 of England swore by this one.  Escape to your own luxurious private peaceful garden with this ritual, our " goddes garden escape soup"

Again, to your warm water filled bath tub ad:
Instructions: mix, wear a crown and submerge slowly!
This bath helps exfoliate , soften, moisturize and accelerate skin renewal as you de-stress.
If you want to participate in this bilingual soup fest and share your "made with so much love" soup, feel free to add your link below.

Happy February, Happy Valentine's and Happy Soup Month!
Will you be trying our soup suggestions anytime soon?

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