Professional Family Portrait to Mark the Moment

Life is just breezing by! We are having loads of fun growing together as a family. While we keep our memories alive in our hearts, we have never taken the time to truly record defining moments.

Thanks to JC  Penny portraits studio  sponsoring this post, we received a gift certificate for a free sitting, which enabled us to make it a point to sit down and have our family portrait taken by professionals.

Honestly we don't like family portraits. We find them to be stiff, posed and just the same thing at every home we visit. However; we needed something to mark the fact that the three munchkins in our lives lost their first tooth at the same time!  Any excuse would do, right? 


So we arrived at the studio. I was weary: while the baby pictures decorating the studio were adorable,those of families or groups that we saw were in-line with what makes us hesitant about formal and structured portrait sittings.    Nothing against that it is just a question of preference.  Still was willing to give it a shot.


As with doctor. visits, we had our appointment time, but every child is different and sometimes the sessions last longer than others, so, don't expect to be taken into the studio exactly at the time of your session (especiallyif you are there on a weekend)


What we were to receive was:

-a traditional 8x10

-one free sitting

- 23 portraits of our favorite pose

- 20% off portrait collections 


When our time was up, we chose our background, and in we went. 

I noticed all the props available to have different positions or setting. Don't be shy like we wereget creative!  We found that was the trick on making our portrait different to all that we have seen.  The staff is not only professional and ready to give advice. Since we did not request a specific prop, they offered us a couple of suggestions.  They made us feel very comfortable, and then we got out of our shy corner and explained what we didn't want. They understood and swiftly got to work.  We relied on them and had 3 poses as a family and 3 for the kids. 

These ladies working the photo session were incredibly patient, but on a roll trying to get us to focus, guiding us and doing everything it took to get the kids smiling for that perfect portrait

It felt great. We felt like we were in the midst of something greater, making memories to truly last a lifetime, and marking the moment!


Once the photos were taken, the next step was choosing our photos. This is when the true fun begun: you can enhance your favorite images with all sorts of borders, embellishments and settings, as you like. You are making your portrait unique and fitting to your style.  Jennifer took care of us and she was not only patient but full of suggestions and recommendations!


Jennifer was a great asset to the process in helping us add excitement and flavor to our portraits, along with incorporating our family‚Äôs character.


In the end, we were very happy we had the portrait done, not only to capture a momentbut also to have a unique piece that was beautiful, unique and professional. We ended up with the word "love" on a blue relaxing background. Our family image replaces the "o" in "love"!

Now I can't wait for the next excuse to have another sitting!

We also want to go back to visit with April, the store manager who really went above and beyond to ensure optimal customer service. 

Interested in having your our family portrait done byJCPenny's experts?

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