Vroom, Vroom! Our #Disneyside at Home Celebrated Race day!

We have been so excited, honored, and beyond ourselves hosting a #Disneyside at home celebration that we ended up having two celebrations!
The first one you probably read about here
The Second one was set to be a Disney inspired race day!!
Thanks to Mom Select for  making us a part of this and for sharing so much pixie dust for our party!

After coffee and chocolate milk, We started off the day getting all of our decorations and food in order. 

Next, we set out to put together our race parafenalia!!!
In case of spill emergencies we made Mickey t shirts to have at hand. I figured that even if there were no spill accidents, kids would probably need a change of t-shirts after all the racing we were about to have. 

Our partial Mickey items list:
We made special number tags for each racer (can you spot the shout out to Cars, 101 Dalmatians and Planes?  We also have a salute to 1971 when WDW opened plus  a "bow" tilt to lady Minnie Mouse)
We also made lanyards for parents helping with the race, and of course our little  competitors too. Both items were  paired with the World is Sports rubber bracelets we received in our party kit. 
I was particularly excited about our finish line "ribbon". What do you think?

We had asked guests to get their bikes and trikes decked out in Disney inspired events to get them also into showing off their # Disneyside!
They really were creative! Our favorites where the bike that became Dusty from planes, our tiny to McQueen and the princess who brought her own castle. 

Everyone was a winner, so we didn't hand out a Piston Cup or a Wings Around the World medal.
After the races, we got everyone into two groups to chEAR for their car on the racetrack. Boy was that loud and fun!!
Those chEAR cards from our party kit we just so perfect for this activity.  It was not only loud, it was almost a fun riot -a few of the chEAR cards ended up ripped apart from the excitement of the races.
To calm things down a bit, we opened up our coloring station and gave all our competitors a Racer's Road Manual that we downloaded es from Family Disney. 
We loved how while playing kids were learning different languages and brushing up on maze and connecting skills. 
The final event was making paper planes and try and race those. That race never took off, but everyone sure tried hard following the paper plane directions!

All smiles, I was done and ready for bed once we gave out our final goody bag!

It was a magical day indeed. We are so grateful to have had the chance to share our #Disneyside while getting others to show it too! What a celebration!
 Thank you Thank you Mom Select and Disney. Your pixie dust goes a long way into our hearts!

We are already planning our next #Disneyside at home celebration to be a a cooking affaire inspired in Ratatouille. How do you show your #Disneyside at home?