Celebrating Earth Day Cool Moms Cool Tips Style

Because we are blessed live in a fabulous place where we can choose to be beach bums, bird watchers, mosquito swaters (even if politically incorrect for this post), sunset admirers, iguana and lizard feeders and alligator neighbors among other things, we want to take the next two weeks to celebrate Earth day.
We will do that talking about green products, showcasing our nature snapshots and giving a few tips to enjoy what mother nature has to offer.
It is our small contribution to making an effort to take those small steps everyday that will help protect and conserve our planet.
We hope you join in in the celebration with us, and enjoy what we will be sharing.
We are sure you have much to celebrate from mother nature in your area too, so we encourage you to jump in and share what you enjoy or admire most of the place you live in connection to Earth Day coming up this April 23rd.  Feel shy about uploading your own stuff?  Send us an e-mail with it, and we will make sure to feature you and of course give due credit to you.
We already shared about green luxurios skincare here
Now we share a view we hope you like:

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