Muy Latinas Sprint Billboard Latino Party!

Are you ready to party with Muy Latinas Blogging Network and Sprint?
Great! A fabulous party is in store because as the exclusive wireless sponsor of Premios Billboard de la Música Latina, Sprint is bringing music lovers everywhere closer to the artist and music they love.

When: April 24/14 on twitter

Time: 7 pm EST (4 pm PST)

How: use #Framily AND #Billboards2014 (participants that ONLY use one hash-tag will not be eligible to win)

Who to follow: @muylatinas, @monicazyoung, @coolchillmom, @ahorradolares, @colombianaenca and @comiendoenla

What else to do: Like the Sprint Latino Facebook page

Prizes: valued at over $3000 to win with Muy Latinas and Sprint!
1. 5 x $20 dollars gift cards
2. 5 x $50 dollars gift cards
3. 3 x $100 dollars gift cards 
4. 3 Samsung devices

You even have 2 chances before the party even begins to win one of the $100 gift cards:
You can tweet this 
Join @MuyLatinas 4/24-7pm bilingual Twitter @Sprint party #Framily #Billboards2014 over $3K in prizes RSVP here

Or you can share this image On instagram tagging  @muylatinas # muylatinas #framily #billboards2014 

In order to be eligible to win during the party RSVP on the link below. An RSVP is not required to participate, but it is required to be eligible to win. This party is open to U.S. residents age 18 or older.
Come and join the fun on the #SprintLatino twitter party. RSVP with your twitter handle
Unete a la diversion de la fiesta de twitter de #SprintLatino. RSVP con tu nombre de twitter

We can wait to celebrate music and Sprint with you!

1. @monicazyoung  15.  29. @CraziMomOf2Boys  
2. @AmoreDelValle  16. Gladys Novoa  30. @marleykristin  
3. @ahorradolares  17. @ginoycaro  31. @mellanhead  
4. @MOMishStyle or @MOMishStyleJail  18. @danitapia88  32. @mrsayubi  
5. @lilyanacruz  19. @cheidy moya  33. @rmtsweeps  
6. @bredanielle0602  20. Alexandra@Livingmoneywise  34. @mummadear or @mummadear_Jail  
7. Yumna Patricia  21. @camjrcole  35. @SPN_Mom or @SPN_MomJail  
8. @mayelasuncin  22. @tiggerkd26  36. @BBabushka  
9. Pilar Romero (@pilyta3493)  23. @ranadurham or @ranajeree  37. @leyn16  
10. @lupitapm07  24. serrao joselina  38. @VLovesFree  
11. Greisy Wardsworth  25.  39. @OhLaLaChrissy  
12. lore pedraza  26. @Mayito5350  40. @Couponmamacita  
13. Claudia Gomez  27. @pedror1982  41. @ash_rozier  
14. @paolakromero  28. @go2kauai  

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