Tomatoes, Cooking and Inspiration

At home we are all big fans of Italian Cuisine. Particularly I love making it because it feels like a no brainer: I can please my family Regardless if it is chicken, beef, seafood, fish or just plain pasta. Personally, I love how many diverse thing I can come up with tomatoes.  Imagine my delight when I received Tuttorosso Tomatoes!

There is nothing like help in the kitchen. All sorts if help. I needed cooking instruction!  Do you know what tomatoes to use when? I didn't really but now thanks to suggestions and tips on the can labels of Tuttorosso Tomatoes I can now tell you when to used crushed, diced, whole, puree, plum, sauce, etc. For example, crushed tomatoes make a great base for pasta sauce, while paste can be used to thicken recipes

Besides this help, I found out of a Tuttorosso neat giveaway they are having. The 85-year-old tomato brand is hosting a Facebook promotion and is asking home cooks to post about their inspiration in cooking. Who (or what) inspired you to start cooking?

To celebrate its heritage dating back to 1929, people are being encouraged to post their cooking inspiration stories on Tuttorosso’s Facebook page — — starting on APRIL 16 and ending MAY 7.

Each entrant will receive a meal-occasion themed digital recipe flipbook with a $1.00/4 coupon, recipes, and cooking tips.

All entrants have to do is…
1. Like the Tuttorosso’s Facebook page, and 
2. Post who has been an inspiration in your family cooking tradition and how would you like to celebrate in their honor. 

The winner will receive a $250 prize pack that includes a serving plate, sauce ladle, pasta pot set and heirloom wooden spoon, plus $300 to a dinner celebration of the winner’s choosing!

Not bad for sharing who has inspired me to get in the kitchen!
Good luck!

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