A Brunch for Celebrations: Mother's Day Hint!

One thing that most likely will happen on Mother's day is that the kitchen is closed!!!
It is the one day a year, around these parts, mom tries to spend as much time as she can with her family and let her herself be pampered to the max.
Pmapering comes in many differents ways.  My favorite one is the one that comes in a wrapped reservations form.
I love going out to eat, and definitively look forward to a lavish meal to indulge in with my loved ones.  However, it is true that we have picky eaters and going out can be quite expensive, sepcially if the little ones are not eating anything.

The cat is out of the bag, and I couldn't be happier with our choice for our little celebration this year:  NYY Steak at the Seminole Casino  Coconut Creek who will host us, and where a fabulous brunch is being prepared for all of us!  This restaurant is known for its refined and innovative dinning experience, and Yankee touches through out.  I will make the exception dear Florida Marlins :-) 
There will be a few interesting stations:

of course there will also be a variety of hot dishes like the NYY steak bacon ans sausage or the slow cooked pork prime rib, and the grilled black grouper over quinoa with citrus honey available along  great salads made to order (including the ceasar and the chopped salads)  

What has me extremely excited is the seafood station which will feature shrimp, Jonah crab claws, freshely shucked Atlantic and Pacific oysters, smoked salmon and white fish.
Doesn't that sound heavenly?

The boys are already making plans about smoked lobster eggs benedict and the seared Chilean bass with lentils.  They have their eyes set on the NYY steak an sausage while hubby is dreaming about the brasied short rib over mash.

I think we are going to be trying each other dishes over and over again.  Everything sounds amazing!! We are still debating who will order the lamb loin chops over goat cheese!!  Everything will be accompanied by the complimentary mimosas of Grey Goose Bloddy Marys, just perfect!

You know we will still leave room for dessert, the hard part will be deciding which one.
Now, I might feel a tiny little itty bit guilty of closing the kitchen and thinking with these amazing menu to enjoy we will be spending a pretty penny, but at $75 per person for all of this, I think it actually is a bargain at such  a remakable restaurant.

Brunch will be available on May 1 from 10:30am to 2:30pm   For reservations, call 954-935-6NYY (6699)
By the way, you should also consider this place for grads and dads :-)

Hope to see you there
To being moms and to good eating in great company, Cheers moms!

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