Easy Party Food to Celebrate Our Soccer Passion with the Perfect Pair- #GolazoKraft

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Some say it is our Latin blood, some say we are just party people, but regardless of what it might be, it is true that pretty quickly any reason becomes a celebration.  Celebrations at home definitively mean there will be food and good times.
With the world soccer celebration in full force, we have been following it very closely.  As you can anticipate, this means  we are cheering on teams with our friends and family everyday so far this month (so we have a celebration of sorts everyday), and I am ready with my simple party food.  Viva la fiesta del gol!  (hooray for the goal party!)
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The best part of "La Fiesta del Gol" is that heartfelt Goooooooooool! scream chanted in unison by big and small, with joy and  at the top of your lungs.  Doing this is bound to make you thirsty, and all that adrenalin of the excitement of the match will get you hungry too.
That means that I need to be prepared!  Good thing that last Friday, thanks to #CollectiveBias I attended a Summer Grilling event at Walmart where I got some inspirations to be prepared!

Because I want to enjoy the games as much as everyone else (and stay away from the kitchen), I needed to offer  something easy and quick.  Mac & Cheese is always a hit with everyone, and it is something that won't take all my time in the kitchen, so the decision in favor of Mac & Cheese was quickly made. 
cool moms cool tips #golazokraft #shop #collectivebias Kraft Mac & cheese

I also needed to make sure I would have plenty to drink at hand for everyone, and the convenient Capri Sun was my choice because it now contains 25% less sugar, NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.Additionally, the pouches have a see through bottom that makes it easy for everyone to choose their favorite flavor. 
cool moms cool tips #golazokraft #shop #collectivebias Capri sun

 A pouch for each, no cups, and no spilling?  The answer to my prayers!!! That is because  when we jump out of our seats from the soccer excitement, accidents could happen. But not anymore with Capri Sun juice pouches.
cool moms cool tips #golazokraft #shop #my colectiva capri sun clear pouch bottom

With both Kraft Mac & Cheese and Capri Sun, I have la pareja perfecta (the perfect pair) to celebrate our passion for soccer. Lo máximo!

With my perfect pair, and a full soccer schedule ahead of us, I was ready.  The first game was scheduled for 11:00 am, so I decided to offer everyone "Calentao" which translates into "warmed up", you will see why.  This is a little known, but very traditional dish served for breakfast. It comes from the idea of grandmothers using leftovers on Sundays to clean the fridge for the start of the week.  Today, many still use leftovers, but you can also simply do it all fresh.  Using left overs will make this recipe a cheap party food.  Another advantage of Calentao is that it is ready to serve in 5 minutes! This is a meal that can also double as a quick and easy appetizer.
Here is how I made our most recent Calentao:
cool moms cool tips #golazokraft #shop calentao mac and cheese

The Ingredients:  The amounts shared below yield  8 servings
 The foundation of a "Calentao"  are:   

To the combination above, you add on anything you want, so go ahead be creative.
At home, we normally make sure it also has red beans.
This time around I added:

The first step is to prepare the Mac & Cheese according to the instructions in the box.  Once ready set aside
cool moms cool tips #golazokraft #shop #collectivebias mac & cheese

In a pot you place your cooked rice, cooked steak and corn.  Mix all together at medium high temperature.  
A minute later add the 4 eggs and try and scramble them right in the pot.
Once your eggs look scrambled and are mixed in with everything else, add the cilantro and the chopped baked potato to the pot
cool moms cool tips #golazokraft #shop #collectivebias calentao

Keep mixing and now add the Mac & Cheese
Make sure everything is combined in the pot and don't cook for more than a minute, (you don't want the cilantro to cook to much more at this point)

 Now you are done and ready to serve.  This is what I call easy party food!  
I  had fun giving some Latin flavor to Mac & Cheese.  I kicked a  #GolazoKraft! Score for the home team! Nothing was left in the plates thanks to this perfect pair.
cool moms cool tips #golazokraft #shop #collectivebias la pareja perfecta

Now that you have my Calentao recipe, tell me, are you enjoying soccer?  Any particular team you are rooting for? Let me know, I will be back after the next chant of GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! to read you.

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.

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