Tips to Make the Most of Your Legoland Florida Visit

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Our brick fans were beyond any level of extreme happiness when they found out we were visiting Legoland!  We were given two tickets to the park to facilitate our review of it.  Of course the drive to the park was the longest ever with 3 little and 2 big eager lego builders.
cool moms cool tips travel to legoland gate

It was a wonderful sunny day, and when we finally arrived, the gate just furthered all excitement to finally be at the Legoland Park in Winter Haven, Florida.  Passing the gate we were greeted by dinos and elves hard at work, and the first store which we explored head to toe.
It wasn't long before we meet Lego characters and of course had to pose with them to.

You can imagine we had a blast and really enjoyed the park.
With this post, we want to give you an overview of what you can expect and share a few tips that we discovered that perhaps will make a difference for your visit.  Here we go:

The park is divided into these main sections:

This can help not only to decide what to tackle first but also, because height and age do matter to enjoy the different rides offered at the park, we recommend you go through the list and the minimum requirements, so you can steer away from them before hand to avoid meltdown because those who can't ride really really wanto to.  You can review all the details on the Legoland site here.  Keep in mind the park mainly caters to those from 2 to 12 years old.
The weather in Florida changes quickly, and rains are part of our everyday during the summertime. Plan on saving the indoor activities to keep dry during the rain.  Don't worrry, usually rain storms pass by quickly.  No guarantees though!

There is a Lego bargain shop in front of the Pirate's Cove, perfect place to pick up some Lego items at great prices!  An additional tip we discovered during our visit is that you can trade your minifigures.  All employees wear a figure on their name tag they can trade.  Otherwise you can track down the hard to find employee that has over 100 to trade!

Dress as you would for your visit to any of the other Florida Themed parks (Disney or Universal) Comfortable shoes and fresh clothes.  If you can, limit what you will be carrying. Keep in mind there are no official stroller parking areas.   Of course strollers are welcomed.

A word on the Water Park
We spent most of our time here because the day was so very very hot. There is a special slide in a shallow pool for toddlers, and 2 main slides.  A wave pool, interactive water playground and a lazy river.
My view from under an umbrella while the kids played in the wave pool

There are tubes free of charge to use in the lazy river and the Splah out slides.
While there are lockers available, they are very small and not as many as the amount of people visiting the day we did.  Perhaps because there were so many with the same idea as we had to keep cool in the water, it was difficult to find a spot to sit and leave your stuff.  Even if there was a spot, it is really not private at all as there is no real space in between the loung chairs or tables at the restaurant.  We did not realize we needed to bring our own towels, so make sure you bring yours if you are not willing to wait to get dry either by the sun or by walking over to the Chima area where you can use full body driers (quite fun!)
This was our absolute favorite: great big bucket of monstrous splash!

Admission to the park this summer is as follows:
Legoland Park and Water park is $84 per adult and $77 per child
Legoland Park only is $69 per adult and $62 per child if you pick a specific date

Savings abound to buy your tickets to Legoland.  Many fast food chains in the area offer free kid tickets with the purchase of an adult ticket.  The Legoland site has also several offers available year round, and if you are a Florida resident upgrading your ticket to an annual pass is also offered.

Brick character breakfast is available at $35 per person.

As you see there is plenty to discover at Legoland, and it is really designed with Lego fans in mind. We hope this overview helps your planning and gives you tips to make the most out of your visit!

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