Tips for Flying with Children

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cool moms cool tips #summerconbritax tips for flying with children
We know a few moms who are reluctant to fly with their children because they are concerned the experience will be out of a horror movie for them and for their families.
Since our kids were in the belly, they have been exposed to planes and airports.  We love traveling and are happy to share our passion with our little road warriors.  There is nothing like enjoying a new place together, or seeing their expression as they learn about mommy's favorite places first hand.
This summer our plans are to take to the sky!  For our #SummerConBritax plans, we are flying a little south from us to visit Spoiling Aunt number 5.  This time it will be with 3 munchkins in tow: 3, 5, and 6 year olds.  So, to make it easier and hopefully melt away some of the potential issues , we are following our list of suggested tips for a pleasant flying experience with and for the kids:
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Play with the kids and see if you can spot landmarks from the air!
  1. Try to give yourself extra time to get to the airport or to your gate (bathroom breaks and distractions interfere).  You will be thinking about many details and going over lists, or counting heads.  Extra time can ease parent's stress.
  2. Don't forget to take along fun for entertainment or to make travel delays bearable for the little ones. Keep in mind this "fun" should be TSA friendly, light and easy to carry around.  (TSA is the department in charged of screening you and your carry on at the airport before you access your departing gate)
  3. If you have a little one that enjoys music, include kids tunes in your iPod
  4. Load your tablet with amazing good reads for children and hours on end fun apps and games.
  5. Pack some snacks.  Your child's faves might not be available at the airport plus it will help the budget too.  Again on TSA: you can bring water only if in a bottle.  You can purchase juice or water after the TSA checkpoint.  Beware: if return flight is international, you might have an additional security check at plane's door at which point you will have to rid yourself of  bottles of liquid more than 3 oz again.
  6. Book an aisle seat for those bathroom visits during the flight.
  7. Get gum or lollipops to help ease the ear discomfort due to pressure changes.  On take off and landing make a game of the one that gets to hear their ears pop fist chewing gum or sucking on the lollipop.  If you have an infant have them drink their bottle or feed from mommy, that should do the trick.
  8. Don't forget the child's FAA approved car seat if you have one.  If you have a Britax car seat you are good to go.  Your arms or lap is not the safest place for kids on a plane. 
    cool moms cool tips #summerconbritax tips for flying with children car  seat on the plane
  9. Above all, be calm.  when you are going bananas and getting all kinds of stares, remember kids are not prohibited from flying and you paid their fare too.  Let them stare, your kids are beautiful to look at anyway :-)
  10. If you do worry about your fellow passengers, we buy drinks or snacks for those seated in the row in front and behind us. It does make a difference to spread a little cheer around....or distract others from the tantrum you have in your hands.
These tips should keep me from looking at that exit sign with parachuting ideas! :-)  Hopefully they will do the trick for you too.
cool moms cool tips #summerconbritax tips for flying with children exit row

Our final tip is for the deplaning.  You can't forget to take with you the Britax B-Agile 4, the newest addition to the family!  It has definitively been designed with families on the go in mind:
Of course it comes loaded with all the Britax safety and comfort we all know about.  The new stroller features a five-point harness system for a secure fit as well as the Click & Go system to accomodate  Britax infant car seats safely.  As for conmfort, check out the infinite recline capability!
cool moms cool tips #summerconbritax tips for flying with children  B-Agile 4 stroller

We are ready to go!  so much fun awaits us on the other side of that plane!
Go out and visit relatives, discover the world, cross of an item from your bucket list with your children.  Nothing should stop you now!
Tell us where do you want to fly to next?
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