Embroidered Uniforms from All Uniform Wear

Recently we have been introduced to All Uniform Wear, a company which beginnings and story we admire.  It all begun with the entrepreneurial vision of the patriarch of the family who in 1979 started selling at flea markets.  With true dedication and lots of hard work together as a family, the business blossomed to being recognized  as  experts in uniform and  embroidery industry in Miami.

We love the story of the company which today is still owned and operated by the  De Paz family who constantly focus on offering the best quality in-house embroidery piece.  That leaves many other industries coming over and over to them for their services. Their uniform lines include school uniforms, public safety uniforms, medical uniforms, industrial uniforms, hospitality uniforms and much more.

With the back-to-school dash, it is great to know that they do partner with several South Florida schools.  In addition to that, they have 22 locations that do have embroidery machines for on the spot last minute, quick turnaround needs.
With over more than 30 years experience in their industry, and never sacrificing quality or service, they are prepared to cater to the most demanding parents, and through the year we are sure their uniforms must hold up to the test of student's wear and tear.

In addition to supplying so many industries in our area with fabulous uniforms, All Uniform Wear gives back to the community in different ways, like for example, hosting a nurses week or offering High School Seniors the opportunity at scholarships that recognize excellence in academic achievement.

We can't wait to discover their quality.
Have you?  Have you heard of this company before?