Travel in Florida takes us to The Stetson Mansion in West Volusia

cool moms cool tips Stetson Mansion

Travels take you to fabulous places like Blue Spring State Park and the DeBary Hall. The Stetson Mansion in Deland, Florida was another stop we made during our trip to West Volusia, thanks to our friends of the West Volusia Tourism Authority
Ignorant to what this house held for us, we took a step into conserved Americana that today is open to the public for weddings and different events.  It is the most opulent and beautifully decorated home you will find in the area
The mansion was property of John Stetson a re-known hat master in the XIX century.
A 3 story house filled with history and interesting pieces at every corner.

To enter the house you are greeted by an ample and comfortable porch that is ideal for an outside event.  Every room of the house boasts a different floor design, and that is just the beginning of the amount of details throughout the house
cool moms cool tips Stetson Mansion floors

During his royal visit to the USA, King George VI stayed at the mansion and, so the beautiful staircase makes for a grand entrance for anyone following royalty footsteps

cool moms cool tips Stetson Mansion staircase
Tiffany lamps, grandfather clock, details, details, details!

I was completely taken by my favorite finds in the house:

cool moms cool tips Stetson Mansion church piece
beautiful European church piece; see the wall paper detail through the glass!

cool moms cool tips Stetson Mansion Edison breaker box
Edison's handwriting on the tags!

Now, because this house is a part of history and shares with us many special items, it does not mean it is not updated as well.  The very functional kitchen could very well be used for a special chef's cooking lesson for a selected few.  It features state of the art appliances in a very spacious and inviting kitchen.
The kitchen opens to a great pool that sits right next to a golf patch.
A carriage, a meditation garden and a cottage that used to be a schoolhouse for Stetson children during the winter months are also on premises.
Romantic and intimate, the cottage has been renovated to include everything you would need: kitchen, living room, bed and bathroom.  Usually it is here where brides to be get dressed and prepare for their ceremony and reception.  No detail is spared!

cool moms cool tips Stetson Mansion cottage

Our words and images really do not do justice to this mansion to describe the classic elegance and fresh design.  Trip Advisor this home is the most popular attraction in Florida,  Come discover The Stetson Mansion and what West Volusia has to offer! 
Tell us, what is your favorite space in this house?

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