Abuela's Fabuloso Multipurpose Cleaner Now Helps A New Generation Clean It All Quickly.

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The aroma starting the day at Abuela's was not that of the traditional recently ground perfect Colombian coffee cup waiting for you. It was the smell of clean, and fresh lavender. Soon, I discovered the fragrance was that of Fabuloso, my Abuela's multipurpose cleaner, her one and only weapon in her household essentials closet. 

Cool Moms Cool Tips #MiFabuloso #shop #CollectiveBias Grandma's household cleaning essentials cabinet
Re-enactment of Grandma's cabinet as we remember it.

Do you know how Abuela got us out of bed to the breakfast table? She called out "Fabuloso hace feliz a tu nariz! (Fabuloso makes your nose happy). Her tune was actually a portion of the jingle for Fabuloso. If anyone had asked me back then, I would have said her song was a traditional folk phrase that told of yummy food smells making us happy. Well, the jingle has become part of our family. Yes, on weekends, that is how I call my family down to the breakfast table too. Hey, it works! 

 Grandma was up at the crack of dawn cleaning. If anyone had arrived at her house by 5 am, they would have encountered a little old lady stacking furniture sky high, rolling carpets and furiously working on floors, dusting, and rearranging her living room with Fabuloso. I guess that explains why she was singing the jingle at breakfast time.... Did the apple fall far from the tree? Well just a tad. Mom didn't stack up everything, but she certainly did the chairs. 

Cool Moms Cool Tips #MiFabuloso #shop #CollectiveBias mom's cleaning method

Just like the ladies before me, I keep trusting Fabuloso for all my cleaning needs. Yes, I do sing too.  

Cool Moms Cool Tips #MiFabuloso #shop #collectivebias

 My aunts tell tales of a mother who loved everything spotless and very clean. Of course her grandchildren became specialists in what in her eyes must have been chaos -making a mess in every room. We never saw her "fuera de casillas" upset because her perfect clean home was because of us a disaster zone. Instead we remember a late afternoon ritual:Grandma would start singing the entire jingle while bringing out mops and rags, and the purple bucket of great smelling Fabuloso. In no time everyone was joining in the chorus and dancing /cleaning to the "salsa" tune. (salsa is a genre of latin music to which the jingle in question was made). Guess what, today instead of singing "clean up, clean up" to the kids for them to pick up, you know it- we sing the Fabuloso jingle! Of course the bucket and mops come out too. The mops are great! They dub as rock star stage microphones. 

Cool Moms Cool Tips #MiFabuloso #shop #CollectiveBias family cleaning together

With Halloween around the corner, I went to Walmart with two things on my list: Fabuloso and pumpkins. 

Cool Moms Cool Tips #MiFabuloso #shop #CollectiveBias Walmart Ready for Halloween

Surprise! I found #MiFabuloso in a convenient twin pack! I didn't think twice about getting it. You would have thought I struck gold if you had seen me with my purchase. I can explain. You see, I clean my floors, my kitchen, the bathrooms and basically every type of surface with it. Just like grandma, I want a clean house, but I also want lots of time to enjoy my family. One product helps me with it all! Fabuloso makes for quick, easy and wonderfully fragrant cleaning. 

Cool Moms Cool Tips #MiFabuloso #shop #CollectiveBias Twin pack gondola

It seems our cleaning habits are passed from one generation to the next via music in our family :-) 
Thank you #CollectiveBias for taking me back to precious memories, and you for allowing me to share a bit of my family with you. Now it is your turn. Do you have any cleaning traditions you share and pass along in your family?

Cool Moms Cool Tips #MiFabuloso #shop #CollectiveBias Fabulos home with me

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