Fresh and Manly from Head to Toes? No Doubt He Uses Old Spice: The Oldest and Manliest Men Grooming Brand

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Since I was a little girl I love scents and smells.
One if my fondest childhood memories is the smell of my dear grandfather. He used Old Spice every day. I guess from there I appreciate it when men take the time to make sure they smell clean and fresh like my grandfather did. 
As the oldest and manliest masculine grooming brand on the planet, Old Spice is at it again.  It is sharing with men that using Old Spice anti-perspirant and deodorant, body wash + 2 -in-one shampoo and conditioner together, the result is MUY manly!  But it doesn't stop there, the result will also be amazing, irresistible freshness from head to toes.  Just take a look and listen:

Well, my Señor Cool gets his combination for success by mixing every morning  his Old Spice deodorant + body wash plus a dash of his fabulous cool and chill positive attitude.  
Mmmm his #combos4success makes saying goodbye to him a pleaser for my sense of smell!  Who doesn't like a good smelling man, right?

Off to work  goes Señor Cool very fresh and manly.
His determination to overcome his shyness presented him with the opportunity to have to talk with many different people day in/ day out in his line of work. He dove into it! I couldn't be prouder 
Definitively somethings are better together (like Old Spice's cleanliness and manliness), so Old Spice set out to discover what were some of men's favorite combinations.  This is what they uncovered:

I  have to agree with the last one and the wine and cheese combinations.  Señor Cool is all over trampolines and water guns. Go Figure.

Anyway, time to get ready to print Old Spice - Head to Toes Coupons!! !  You can surprise your man with his favorite Old Spice products, if he already uses them.  Otherwise, you can introduce him to fresh, manly cleanliness using the coupons!  Hurry, coupons expire September 30th.
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So, I am curious, why don't you share with us what is your man's #combos4success?

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