How To Do An Easy DIY Halloween and Fall Headband

We love  Halloween, and want to do it the entire month.  I got my creative juices flowing for a simple Halloween Headband for my little princess.  Here is my quick and easy DIY Halloween headband with scraps of ribbon leftover from my candy favors from last year.  You can also follow this simple instructions for a fall inspired one. Get ready for  a friendly spooky hair celebration!
cool moms cool tips DIY Halloween Fall hair fun spooky headband

What you will need:
  1. a black headband.  
  2. black ribbon if you don't have a black headband and need to line or cover it with the black ribbon
  3. different ribbon pieces with Halloween or fall motives.  I cut pieces so they are at least 8 cms long.  You can make them as short or long as you want.
  4. one strip of a smaller ribbon to wrap everything,  It needs to be at least 4 cms long
  5. scissors
  6. glue gun
cool moms cool tips halloween headband for girls ribbon DIY

Once you are ready with a black headband, set it aside, and prepare the fall motive ribbon pieces.
I used 3 pieces of ribbon and made an "X" with the green and orange ribbon.  Over that, I set the black and white polkadot ribbon in the center.  You can use as many as you want.  Get creative!  Finally, I added 2 strips of white ribbon which I had curled with a pencil.  You can also do it with your fingers.
cool moms cool tips DIY Halloween Headband proces

When all my pieces where set where I wanted them, I took the 4 cms piece of ribbon (the plain orange one in my image) and set it vertically over the arranged set, and over the black headband.  I wrapped the set and the headband with the 4 cms piece of ribbon.  At the end of the 4cms piece, and under the headband, I dabbed a dot of glue gun. This will allow for everything to be held in place.  Once that was done, I cut the leftover of the orange ribbon that stuck out.
 cool moms cool tips diy halloween head band bunch up ribbon

There, you are done!  Wasn't that easy?  Here is our little witch happy with her friendly girly girl hair boooo!
cool moms cool tips DIY halloween headband for girls

What do you think?  Our little witch loves it!
Is this something you would try and do?

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