Our Mom Tips on What to Consider When Searching For A New Family Car

This post is sponsored by Arrigo Automotive.  All opinions expressed are our own.

We love our road trips!  Sometimes it can be sheer insanity spending a good amount of hours as a family packed together with our luggage, entertainment and food in a car.  However, overall we do have amazing memories from our car journeys.   Our daily lives also gives us lots of car time together from soccer practice to ballet rehearsal and karate class.  This is why, when I am in the market for a new car I need to make sure certain items in my list are checked off. These is the list of those points I feel important to consider to make such a big purchase for our family budget:

I guess you can say I want it all!  Arrigo!  We told you about them before.  There is no doubt that comfort, style, space, peace of mind and price fall into place smoothly for me at the hands of these experts that understand what families need and want. 
The best place for me to find it all is at
Arrigo offers a great selection of cars that do match my space, storage, price  and look and feel requirements like the Dodge Durango Citadel or the Chrysler Town & Country Touring Van.  Their site has an entire section dedicated to helping with finance needs and guidance.  That talks volumes to me.
On peace of mind, they do not only sell cars, they also carry parts, offer service and body shop. ASE certified specialists will care to all your needs from battery and oil change to transmission and air conditioners to ensure you can focus in everything else. They do know their car stuff.
With body shop, service and pre-used specials along with a great line up of new cars, I am sure I will find the perfect car for my family with them.

Do you have any specific things you consider when getting a new family car?

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