Maximize Your Living Space and Update Your Home Look with Sanus

So college life started.  You went off with all the well wishes and a moving truck with all the essentials to your dorm or new home.  You quickly found out that despite your efforts to minimize or find practical gadgets, you are still needing more space.  Shared spaces can also get quite cramped.
Don't fret.  We have a great solution for you.
Quite frankly what we have to share really is a great solution for all small spaces.  Not just for college students.  

We received a SANUS mount to facilitate our review.  All opinions are 100% our own.

A while back we had shared how the TV mount SANUS was helping families prevent accidents when TVs fell on children. 
Well, this very same safe mount, is now coming to the rescue to college students and all those living in studios, efficiencies or lofts to share great ways of creating a great TV watching area de-cluttering and taking advantage of limited space.

Maximize space and keep safety in mind, using a SANUS mount to fix TVs on walls will help take advantage of unused space while contributing to a clean look.

What we mean is hanging a TV on a wall easily with SANUS will eliminate the need for a bulky furniture piece to hold the TV.  Awesome right? The beauty of it is that is you still have the space for a credenza or storage unit under the mounted TV.  You can indeed add one to create a sleek look to showcase your belongings or use door to have no distractions to watching TV.
We did get a mount to review in exchange for our hones opinion on this post.
Installation was a breeze and we love that really all you see is the TV. SANUS helps hide cords and keeps it all very organized in the background.

Because  all SANUS mounts are engineered with top industry technologies and tested to UL2442 standards, which impose rigorous requirements, we know our children and TVs are safe from accidents plus we are giving our rooms an updated look while maximizing space!

Do you already use a SANUS mount?

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