Safety Features to Consider for a Family Car

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We shared with you our tips on what to look for when in the market for a  new  family car.  While fuel economy and space are part of that list, this time we want to talk a bit more about safety features.  Sometimes, safety matters just as much budget for a family car purchase, don't you agree? If you are the soccer mom or the designated chauffeur for the day, life is too hectic, and we need to rid ourselves of extra worries (like how safe my car really is).  Driving around your precious cargo focusing on the family fun at hand should be the norm.  If your teen is about ready to drive the car, same principle will apply.  So here is a good starting point regarding the safety of the actual car.
I do see a lot of safety ratings around but not quite sure what it measured.  I guess unless you really study very carefully every car or are an engineer, it can be an enormous task to understand the safety aspects that affect each and every passenger of a particular car.   I read the statement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

Safety Rating

Safety is the most important aspect of a family vehicle. Some cars simply withstand impact from collisions better than others do. Protect your children by purchasing a vehicle that has a high safety rating for automobile accidents. You can check the safety rating of different vehicles
So basically it measures how a car was scored overall on the different points evaluated in terms of safety.
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If we break this down a bit, we suggest looking at:

Reflecting a bit on airbags, these do save lives.  Nevertheless, a note of caution we share from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:  children 12 years old and under should not sit in a seat with an active airbag. More and more vehicles are coming equipped with front, rear and side airbags. Look for a vehicle that allows you to turn the airbags off, to protect younger passengers. Learn more 
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If you are visiting  Arrigo Sawgrass you might want to consider the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee which was declared 2014 best family in the 2 row SUV category by US News. 

We all always have our family's best interest in mind and at heart.  As parents, with no guide book, there is just so many things to factor in in most our decisions that when experts weigh in on subjects like this we listen.  I always look out for the "best off" reports.  The 2015 best cars report has been published, but the verdict is still out on the best family car for 2015.  Can't wait to find out which cars make that list.
In terms of safety, which is the number one feature you look at when you are in the market for a family car?

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