Consider Translation Services for Gift Giving - Holiday Gift Guide

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his post is brought to you by Rosetta Translation.
I think this is a very creative and useful gift.  Read on why we have included translation services in our Holiday Gift Guide.  T
My cousin is in a relationship after she returned from a holiday break in the Caribbean.  She has been now in a long distance relationship with a German for the last 4 months.  She seems very happy. Thing is that her German is extremely basic.  Good enough to start a relationship, but very weak to manage along distance one.  She has been very good about her German classes, but she is not advancing as much as she would love to.  Apparently the emails she is receiving are becoming more serious.  She is worried she might blow everything up because her language skills are not to where she would feel comfortable.
So, her Christmas gift from us will be translations services by Rosetta Translation a worldwide agency that specializes in company specializing in legal, financial, medical and technical language translation.  Love letter should be a piece of cake for them!  This should give her some encouragement and confidence.  I think it should be a good way to give her some stress free holidays and beginning of the year as she gets to know her new better half in a foreign language!
How about it?  Do you think anyone you know could benefit from a gift or service like this?