Here is the Secret for Fuller, Thicker Hair: Women's Rogaine!

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So my sister has a beautiful head of hair.  Her curls are easy to manage.  With ease she can get is straight or hold up a fabulous style for hours.  It is not the curls that get me wishing the gene pool had been a tiny bit more generous with me, it is how thick and rich it is.  So yes, I want thicker hair.  Fuller hair is a dream of mine  I have thin and flat hair. #MoreisBeautiful for me on this point.

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The truth is that sometimes I think this desire of mine for a Medusa-like very full hair might take me one day to the cleaners with the amount of money I have spent over the years in every type of products that promises volume.  
My sister can't count how many pairs of shoes she has anymore, and I lost count of the bottles that fill my bathroom drawer of hair products that are supposed to help me on my quest. 
I have a vast collection of hair products, and all have something to the effect of "more volume" on them.  Sad thing is that, I have not found a product that gives me what I need.

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Some product require from me to re-apply a few times a day to prevent my flat look to overcome to product. Many times I end up mixing and using a few different products at a time.  This technique has helped a bit. 
Problem with that is that I need to make sure I have all 5 products with me at all times so that I can re-touch and maintain my slightly improved hair look.

O.K., breathe in, breathe out. It is frustrating battle. I love my hair. I just want to love it more. Today is the big reveal from our announcement on Instagram:
So happy about what we are a out to share tomorrow 11-7-14 #ontheblog get thicker fuller hair! Stay tuned #shop #collectivebias #moreisbeautiful
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At Walmart I found Women's Rogaine.  This products is a hair regrowth treatment that reactivates hair follicles to stimulate growth.  I figured after so many different volume items I have used throughout the years, it is time to go for something that is clinically proven to regrow hair.  Knowing that it is the #1 dermatologist recommended brand was one more incentive to try Women's Rogaine.

I am loving this product because:
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In addition to this list, I do feel I am using a more serious product to get fuller hair because it is after all a clinical product that has research and studies to back it up.  I have eliminated: a volume shampoo, a volume conditioner, a volume mousse that I used in combination with an oil to easy the frizz.  I have said good by to my leave in volume conditioner too. Yes, I wiped clean my cabinets too!

cool moms cool tips women's rogaine simplifying my hair routine

Right now I changed my shampoo and conditioner to "Pure Renewal" in the spirit of a new life for my hair  No need to reapply anything is giving me plenty to smile about.  Just one daily application in the morning after I shampoo my hair with my  Aveeno shampoo and then it is on to styling it.  My hair routine has been cut down from 30 minutes to 5!  Plus I don't need to think about it again!
I should see results between 6 and 8 weeks of use, so nothing to report as of yet besides a shinier hair with no frizz.

cool moms cool tips women's rogaine my new routine for thicker hair

Women's Rogaine has changed my attitude overall.   I am optimistic, all smiles and with at least 20 minutes more in my hands to savor my coffee every morning. To this I am adding the joy of saving because right where I found Women's Rogaine in Walmart there were $10 off coupons for the 4 month supply presentation of it.  
Ahhhhh life is good!

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Thank you #CollectiveBias for helping get to the root of my hair problems, and helping me see the brighter side of life via my hair!

Now, share with me, what would you change of your hair if you could? #shop

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