Yay for Christmas Scents! The Glade® Winter Collection of Candles & Air Fresheners Quickly Gets me into the Holiday Mood!

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After my grocery shopping trip, I feel the excitement in the air!  The holidays will be here before we know it, and I am ready to decorate, share and enjoy the season and all of our traditions. Publix quickly got me in the festive mood when  I was shopping for eggs, bread and milk.  As I passed the milk section, I saw the stand for Glade® Winter Collection.  It had every kind of scented item presentation I could think of: air fresheners, wax melts, scented candles, room sprays and PlugIns®.  Christmas scent heaven! #GladeHolidayMood

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The first item that caught my eye was Sparkling Spruce™.  I sprayed a bit of it in the air, and when it hit my nose, oh my!  I was transported to my grandma's Christmas celebrations.  

cool moms cool tips #GladeHolidayMood #shop #collectivebias at store varierties

It was not until I sprayed Sparkling Spruce™ that I realized how much I miss the smell of a fresh cut tree at home.  Clean and unmistakably  the scent of pine needles I was suddenly standing on  squeaky wooden floors helping hang the ornaments to the tree we brought in from the designated forest in the area.  When I was growing up, the local government had designated a few forests in the vicinity of Bogota where you could lawfully cut down a pine tree if an effort to avoid deforestation, and help rejuvenate forests. 
As you can imagine, this became an event.  Families would load up and drive a half and hour to an hour out of the city, pick the perfect tree, cut it down, load it in the car, and get back home to set it up. 

I felt a rush of happiness, family and great memories hit me all at once!
The whole family was around me in spirit and my holiday season began in earnest.

I couldn't just stop at one fragrance, so I moved on and sprayed a bit of Frosted Cookie Party™.  Suddenly my grandma's kitchen became alive in my mind and nose!
Grandma always thought food was a sure way to keep the family together.  With that, she gathered all the grand-kids to help and learn about her favorite dishes for special occasions.  
My sister was coming over to pick something up at my house, so I thought I would give her the same happiness rush and surge I had just experienced.  You can guess what I did next with my #CollectiveBias #Shop.

cool moms cool tips spraying #gladeHolidaymood Frosted cookies #shop #collectivebias

I went home with  my Glade® sprays.
I used the Frosted Cookie Party™ to spray the foyer, living room and kitchen.  

cool moms cool tips spsraying at home  #gladeHolidaymood #shop #collectivebias

Remember nothing was going on in the kitchen.
In comes my sister with my cousin.  Midway to saying hi, they looked at each other and practically screamed in unison "Natilla!"  My cousin sits at the dining table as she asks how much longer before it is ready.  Dear sister runs to the kitchen hoping to stir the mix.  Natilla is one of the easy traditional desserts we all learned to make in grandma's kitchen.  While it was getting made the entire house smelled like vanilla.  Once it was ready, the smell turned into a mix of vanilla and cinnamon as we all went crazy sprinkling cinnamon on it to garnish it.
I couldn't bear to disappoint them, so I whipped out all the ingredients to make our Natilla together.

Here is the recipe:
cool moms cool tips #GladeHolidayMood stand

Do you think you will try out our sweet Natilla?  It is very easy to make :-)

COOL MOMS COOL TIPS #gLADEhOLIDAYmoOD Natilla finished #shop #collectivebias

Wow, the power of aromas and scents is amazing.  I am definitively going to be spraying my Glade® Sparkling Spruce™  as soon as my fake Christmas tree comes out of the storage. 

Are there any smells or fragrances that remind you of your childhood? What gets you in the #GladeHolidayMood?

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