The Joy of Superb Customer Service at Enterprise Rent a Car

My friend Alex from Living Money Wise and I had the pleasure to experience first hand the remarkable service of Enterprise.  While we were not requested to write this post in exchange for a car they extended to us to attend Niche Conference a few weeks ago, I write this with great pleasure and gratitude.

The first thing I would like to share with you is how amazing the staff and employees at Enterprise are.  The efforts and interest of Enterprise personnel we encountered at every level speaks volumes. Not only about a fabulous customer service experience, but the willingness to go above and beyond to ensure members of the community they work in are served.  Everyone we came across was indeed very busy. Lots of work to take care off.  You can tell by the energy in the atmosphere that they are constantly on the move to serve.  Nevertheless, even over the phone you could hear their smiles. They were courteous and professional in every single instance.
Who doesn't like good treatment?  I do, and I definitively got it at Enterprise.

cool moms cool tips Enterprise rent a car store front

Next, the service.  I guess connected to a great attitude and a willingness to go the extra step to ensure customers are satisfied make it natural to deliver great service.  Picking the car was the simplest task ever.  Their website is extremely friendly, and all the offers are clearly stated for us to take advantage of them. In less that 5 minutes we had chosen our car, and taken care of all the details related to the rental.
cool moms cool tips Enterprise getting us ready for the road

When we arrived at the store to pick up the car, everything was prepared, ready and waiting for us. In no time we were on the road.  When the kids are all over the place, tired or having a tantrum, this is the service you want!  In and out with everything in order. 
Personable, attention to detail, thorough revising policies and procedures, nothing was left to chance by Mr. Jason Guillou who handed us over the keys wishing us a great trip.  Before we left, Javier told us he had prepared the car for us, and he would be inside if we needed him to address anything he did not.  Of course everything was just perfect.  We can't write this post without thanking Mr. Lester Guzman who true to our Enterprise experience went above and beyond the call of duty.

cool moms cool tips Enterprise got us on the road in 5 minutes

The total experience of renting a car at Enterprise, believe it or not, did not take more than 10 minutes including the online reservation.  It is impressive how in such a short period of time their outstanding service shines through.

cool moms cool tips Ford Fusion at Enterpris

We drove the perfect car for us: full of luxury features, spacious, ample trunk space (important when two girls are on the road) great on fuel efficiency, and a fun sunroof to enjoy our Florida weather.  We were driving in style a Ford Fusion!

More on Enterprise service: don't forget if you need a ride to and from Enterprise, they are happy to schedule it for you.

cool moms cool tips the open road is easy renting and Enterprise car

Great for every season, specially the holidays, consider offering the gift of the open road to that avid traveler in your list.  Give them a gift from Enterprise for a fantastic start to their journey!  I plan of gifting it to me and my family for a surprise road trip!  Would you like it if someone put this under the tree for you?

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