Proskin Slimming and Cellulite Fighting Leggings: Post 4

This is a sponsored post , we received the product as  compensation. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

My Proskin slimming leggings still feel extremely comfortable. I had a week long business trip and have been forced to use them as my PJs. This has been a great discovery! Love using them to sleep in. This is not inly a pampering ritual but a very ahhhhhh moment once I get into them.
I continued the speed walking routine for three days last week and despite watching what I eat it was far from an actual diet. I didn't loose or gain weight
But the dimples sure are smoother although still there
No worries. We declared war on cellulite and we are still going to battle :)
Remember that  the micro capsules in Proskin legging that are hard at work contributing to your desired results  are guaranteed to remain in the garment for at least 100 washed.
Additionally, it has a silver anti-bacterial treatment for extended wear.

For all the details we have shared so far you can read our post 1, post 2 and post 3 on the leggings and our progress with them.
I am very hopeful about sharing with you great results next week for my final at my final post and review 
While we get there, are you working on a weight loss offensensive too?