Loving our Britax Bike Seat!

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We have been wanting this for a while and thanks for Britax we finally have it!!!
Big munchkin already has been riding his bike without his training wheels, and he loves going out for rides.  It is amazing how quick she learned to do so, and we couldn't be prouder.  There is one small detail that kind of doesn't make it complete for us: little munchkin has to stay back because he is too small to ride his own bike, and no contraption puts me at ease enough to take him along.
That is until we received our Britax Child Bike Seat.
Don't get me wrong, it swells my heart to see her accomplishments, and to see her conquering her fears, but at the end of the day, we can't take her out biking  as much as we would like to because it somehow splits the family on our time off.  Big munchkin was overjoyed when the package arrived. I was touched because it was such a non-selfish gesture.  I melted.  She was a cheerleader while we put together bike and seat.
When I first saw the bike seat, I had no second thoughts. 
The seat looks sturdy,  solid, and just like the Britax car seats we are accustomed to. You can read one of our Bitax car seat reviews here.   It also looks comfortable and like a piece little munchkin can grow into.  Maybe not as long as his Britax car seat will, but long enough for little one to learn to ride a bicycle.
Officially, these are the specs of the bike seat:
Honestly, despite the great features, there is nothing like my feeling of security when using a Britax product.  Having discovered first hand from expert how the company constantly strives to go above and beyond the minimum requirements to ensure every child using their products are safe (and comfortable) has no comparison in my book.  Because I want my kids safe in every setting, I was more than ready to get this bike seat.  Secretly, I wish Britax made the eating chairs you fasten directly on to the table for the same very reason.
Once we started playing with the seat, Oh my!! we all love how easy it was to install and to remove if we don't want it on the bike.  This is possible thanks to the click and ride bracket.  I know safety is high in my mind and repetitive in this post, but yes, it feels as safe as a car seat. Just for added visibility, I will be using the red/gray side of the reversible fabric. My favorite feature is the adjustable foot rest that make it the perfect fit for all little munchkins 9 months to 4 years old that can ride this bike seat. 
Unfortunately, the Britax car seat is not compatible with all bikes.  This video will hopefully include your bike:
Our fist ride of many was so enjoyable!  Such a difference when we are all together. We decided on a picnic adventure and spent the better part of the day pedaling from one spot to another at a bike path lake part near home.

The only other thing we needed to be protected was sun block!
We have had out bike seat for 4 days and everyday we have been out testing and enjoying it.
We are definitively a certifiable #SafeconBritaxfamilies member!  It is so easy to become one, all you have to do is surrender your riding safety concerns to a Britax product :-)

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