Celebrate National Hammock Day!

Something fun for today: it's National Hammock day!
mmm nothing like relaxing, reading a book or just looking up while gently swinging on a hammock.
There is just something magical that mixes and transports me to a very happy place when I am on a hammock.  Perhaps it is because my best vacation memories always include a hammock somehow.  Regardless if it was a beach vacation, going to the ranch or camping up in the mountains we somehow found a hammock in our native country at every corner.

While there is nothing like a true peaceful escape on a hammock, it is also true that hammocks can be exhilarating and full of action if you decide to have hammock races of sorts which simply aim at the hammock that moves the fastest or gets closest to the stars.... yes, we don't encourage these activities anymore now that we are moms!
When we were celebrating Earth Day we told you about a company called Hastens and their travel pillow and bathrobe.
True to the holiday today, we share a quick snipet on their hammock which is made the same people: Hastens, a company that focuses on delivering the best sleep to the world!  This hammock is  100% cotton and comes in a classic plaid design.

I can just picture myself having a wonderful summer nap on one of these.
This is us encouraging you to find a hammock today and celebrate a moment to relax, chill and rock yourself softly into a fabulous day dream.  Cheers!

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