Basic Delicious and Healthy Smoothie #SmoothieChallengeMLN #MuyLatinas

Nothing like knowing you are eating your fruits and veggies!  
How simple can it be.  Quick combinations you create with ingredients available at your home can deliver a fun way to ensure your family is eating the goodness of nature.

Today with the fabulous complex flavors chefs are putting together for us, it is easy to forget the very basics.  Take for example this very easy smoothie made with everyday , well-know fruit everyone enjoys:
cool moms cool tips strawberry orange watermelon smoothie

You can replace the actual Orange fruit for Orange juice if it is easier for you.
Play with the quantites!  Bring out the flavor you like best!

To your Healthy Eating!

cool moms cool tips strawberry orange watermelon smoothie served

This smoothie is part of the MuyLatinas Smoothie-A-Day Challenge which aims at encouraging our consumption of fruits and veggies for a healthier diet. #SmoothieChallenge.  Join in for the chance to win a Magic Bullet blender!  All the details are in the link above.

Disclosure: no compensation was received for posting this

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