Charging Systems that will Kiss Batteries least for your Wii Remote.

Linking with the recent review we had on the Nerf attachments (see that review here), we would like to share with you another item that might prove a bit of a time and mind saver for some moms, and a good friend to Wii players.
It seems like everything our kids play with needs some type of batteries. If you take the time to estimate how much you spend on them surely you will be incredulous over the final figure. But, it is not only the expense, it also is the last minute reminder or realization that you are out of batteries and will have unhappy kids at home.
Now here is a great system that will save money on batteries and will give our one less thing to do: buy batteries for the Wii remotes.
We are talking about the Power & Play line of charging systems for the Wii remotes made by Energizer (yes, the battery maker and the world's number one selling rechargeable battery brand) and Performance Design Products or PDP a top name in video game accessories.
From now on, charging the Wii remotes will be a breeze. That means that it will be simpler, easier and hassle- free because you won’t have to bother about connections, cables all over the place, or finding the batteries that you know you bought, but can’t find.
Everything you need is in the package: charging docks, charging cables and battery packs.
There are two different options we looked into.

The first one is the Wii Energizer Induction Charge System which simultaneously can charge up to 2 remotes.
Step one is to change the regular batteries for the rechargeable battery pack. You will see that it matches the Wii finish and there is no alteration to the Wii remote look or feel at all. At first you might be skeptical because other than the electric connection of the actual system, there is nothing else to think about since it is all about contactless charging.

We did tell you it was going to be too easy.
All you have to do is rest the Wii remotes on the corresponding places on the system and voila, let the charging begin! Wait, it gets better, you charge the remotes with the silicone sleeve or rubber jacket on. No need to mess with taking it off and putting it back on. You don’t have to wonder if it is really working because the system has a light for each remote. As soon as you rest the remote on its place, a LED charge notification light turns on to let you know it is charging, and then turns green once it is done. The charging itself took about 4 hours and gave us more or less 7 hours play.

It is the same idea with the second one we tried out called: 4X Charge Station for Wii. The difference of course is that you can charge up to 4 at the same time. Other differences are that the remotes go in slots or chambers in this system, you do have to remove the rubber grips, but you can keep the wrist straps. Charging time and play time after charging was the same for both systems. On the 4X Charge Station system, once the remotes are charged, the power supply will stop for that chamber.
An important difference between the two systems is the price:

Wii Energizer Induction Charge System x2 remotes $49.99
4X Charge Starion for Wii $39.99

But as with everything else, it depends on your needs, wants and preferences.

We understand the product line includes the same charging systems for Xbox 360® and PS3® game consoles and controllers. Go to for more information.

Save time money, and never miss a game on the account of dead batteries, look into the Power Play charging systems. 
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