Summer Blog Tour Tourists: Visit and Stay!

mjWelcome to the world of chill! OK, so it is chill as in chill-out, relaxing day sipping caipirinhas while sunbathing at the beach or a fabulous day at the spa.

I am honored and excited to be a part of this wonderful Summer Blog tour! Leave it to Holly, The Work at Home Woman and Abbey, Living My Moment to create such a wonderful summer event. I am an avid reader of both of them, and they do have great insights to share, so don’t miss out.

In this tour, we are meeting great Summer bloggers, moms, entrepreneurs, those that inspire positivism like Brenda at Mamma be Good, and yes moms to be too (congrats again Nicole from Ramblings by Nicole and Angela from always B!) Here is a complete list of all the exciting summer blog tour stars.

I hope you enjoy our little world of keeping mom at ease in a crazy, ever revolving life. Here you will find honest unbiased opinions and fabulous giveaways of great finds that help cool moms keep in-the-know, and maintain our zen mode!

If you want to practice your languages or know someone who would, we translate our blog to Spanish, click here para leer en español .For us it is another way of staying close to our South American roots as we keep our Spanish in check

Because we knew you’d stop by, we put together a great giveaway from bailey and birch for you. We love them, and we are sure you will too, they are amazing!

You can enter the giveaway by telling us which design you would choose if you won. You can leave your answers in this post, or at the actual giveaway post where you will find bonus entries to help your odds. Click here to go to the giveaway.

We love company, so thank you very much for stopping by. Don’t be shy, explore us, and come by often.
We will bring out daiquiris at poolside yoga class next time you are in!
We are in South Florida so we rarely cancel class
We look forward to your next visit!

Go world cup!

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