Kroger's #FuelYourSummer Gets Extended!

We told you about  Kroger’s fuel program and 2X fuel point weekends here.   The program started on May 20, this year, just in time for the kids demanding vacation agendas.
Good news is that is has been extended until September 1rst so it gives us a hand in the first weeks of back to school!!!

A reminder on how the program works:
It is a very simple program: for every $1 spent on qualifying items at Kroger  you earn  1 fuel point.
Kroger shoppers have been able to save up to $1 per gallon at the pump by redeeming up to 1,000 Fuel Points at any Kroger Fuel Center, and at participating stations.  Now that is a great complement to all the savings opportunities available everyday just for shopping at Kroger.
 and how that can fuel your summer!

Before the summer is officially over, let's review our tips to enjoy those last carefree beach days:

Beach art: so besides becoming great architects of sand castles ( by the way, use only a little water to be able to build anything with sand), you can encourage little ones to express themselves drawing on the sand.  Embellishments can easily be found using shells or sticks.

I spy for critters: be on the look out for little crabs, birds, insects or even jelly fish.  Just be careful with them, you don't want them stinging you!

Collect shells:  you shell hunting!  You can determine a specific color of shape to be on the look out for.

Get some exercise done: if we go late afternoon to the beach, we love our little yoga routine, but if you are full of energy, chase each other, throw a Frisbee or swim

Go green:  a great opportunity to teach the little ones about conserving our planet by cleaning up plastic bottles or trash.

Enjoy the final summer days!!!

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