Proskin Slimming and Cellulite Fighting Leggings: post 3

This is a sponsored post , we received the product as  compensation. However, all opinions expressed are my own.
So, we continue wearing 8 hours a day our soft and silky Proskin leggings.
We have already told you about what and who they are here, and our experiences for weeks 1.  We know report on week 2 of using them as we enter on our third week.

I kick myself because although I have been reporting my measurements, I did not keep a record of them to share with you.  I will ask for them so at the last post we can compare how I am fairing.
Nevertheless,  I can feel a big difference already.
I keep having silky soft legs and I attribute it all to the leggings.  This is a big indicator for me because if the product has the power to keep moisturizing and pampering my legs after all the washes it has already gone through, the formula that is embedded in the fabric must still be very active and present = happy camper!
The temperatures are still very hot and humid for us, but the leggings are still comfortable to be in, and actually I feel a bit fresher using them that my shorts.  Very breathable.
Back to my good news. My eating habits are getting better.  As I started, I continue watching my portions, and what I actually put in my mouth, but not sticking to a particular diet.  A little exercise via speed walking 3 times a week has finally been accomplished despite crazy schedules.
I do see a reduction in size, specially in my belly and butt area via my now "more comfortable to wear" pants and shorts.  At this rate I could be a whole size down by the end of this third week we are beginning.  Can't wait to get there :-)

Regarding the cellulite, as I mentioned the on the first post of this series, I have been practically battling it ever since a teen, and have lots of it.  However, as much as I still have, the dimples are smaller.  I am hoping they will definitively be sparser after the #28DayChallenge.

The outlook is very positive, and this has motivated me to keep watching my food intake and increase walking sessions to 4 a week.  I have also eliminated diet sodas entirely, so proud! Cellulite: this is war!!!!!

Stay tuned for next week's assessment, and thanks for reading along.

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