Hey Bloggers, Discover #Markerly!

This post goes out to our blogger readers.  We think you are going to like this:
Here is a great opportunity for bloggers to find a reliable source for some paid blogging opportunities. We totally recommend  signing up with #Markerly! This post has been sponsored by Markerly :)

Because we know that if you are a blogger you don't want to miss out, read on.

What is Markerly?  It is a blogging  network that connects engaging bloggers like you with great brands in a quick and easy way.
Brands that you could potentially work with are, for example, Levi's, Trumoo or SuperBowl!

We love that this network is serviced 24x7 to support bloggers.  That is very cool.  Real people at bloggers' beck and call? what a concept!!  All you questions and doubt will be addressed, so you can have the peace of mind of not only having all the tools but ensuring you will meet all the components of a job correctly.
More good news is that the payout for your work is rendered 48 hours after you have submitted your post. 

We appreciate the fact that Markerly stand out as an influencer marketing platform because their blogging network truly focuses on quality and authenticity. That translates into bloggers being honest to their audience.  Remember, you pick and choose the jobs you decide to accept.

We know that sounds like the best blogging network if you are interested in sponsored content. The great thing is that it just doesn't sound like it; it is!  
Here is an example of previous work we have done thanks to Markerly and their partnership with Jaybird: http://coolmomscooltips.blogspot.com/2013/11/jaybird-must-for-all-ear-bud-users.html

We are head over heels for Jaybird and really want to get these amazing earbuds. If it wasn't for Markerly we wouldn't have been able to discover them and share with our great readers who truly are in the know. 

It is very easy to join ( and you can do that here) it is also very easy to apply for opportunities once you are a member. There are no long forms to fill out. You get an email with an offer .  Then you click on the offer and finally say you are interested. It is  simply a breeze. 
There are a few requirements to join this amazing network. For example, applicants should have more than 10,000 views a month and more than 3 comments per post.  You can click here to discover a complete list of details, benefits, and more reasons to join Markerly. 
You can also read what the press has to say about the network here
Now, hurry, go register. A new campaign awaits you!

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