First Day of School Photo - Being Super Mom!

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Getting ready for back to school was on my priority list, but I was slow getting to it this year because I was enjoying so much my summer!But in the end, I did want my kids to get back to school prepared in every way.  Mom switched gears and sprang into action!
Supplies, uniforms, first week menus, summer homework, medical forms, done, done, done and done.  The night before the first day of school uniforms were washes, ironed and ready in each room. The book bags were loaded and zipped.  Fresh towels hung and all the morning amenities full and in place.  My agenda for the next morning was clear: drop kids off at school, go for my first jog of the year.  Mom's work out outfit was ready in place and our brand new B -Agile Britax stroller ready by the door for baby to come with me on the jog. Our #BTSConBritax was under control.
The next morning (First day of school) it was crazy!  We rushed the showers, dressing up, and breakfast.  The kids took their sweet time brushing their teeth and coming to the door.  "Get your book bag, tie your shoe, one at the door, where's the baby?  Honey hurry!" Finally out the door for our short and first walk to school. For my warm up sprint, the eldest decided he dint' want to push baby slowly.  He simply took off running pushing the stroller.  Baby was strapped in comfortably and safely with Britax No re-thread, adjustable, five-point harness and head pad with reflective binding, so the reason I took off was because I wanted us all in a group, and yes, we were almost out of the park we walk through.
cool moms cool tips #btsconbritax at school

We arrived at school all smiles, wishing everyone a fabulous year.  Off I went for my jog.  It was so invigorating and good for me!  I had a little companion and the smooth ride of the B-Agile made it so easy for me to maneuver over cracks branches and rock.  It really was a pleasure pushing my little one in his stroller. The extra large canopy with ventilation protected him from the sun and gave total comfort that  allowed him to take a good nap while I worked out.  I think it must have been the the 3 wheel suspension that gave him that nap luxury.  He is not a napper.

cool moms cool tips #BTSconbritax features

The morning had gone as planned.....until I got home and saw the camera sitting on the foyer table.  My heart sank.  I forgot the first day of school pictures!  Well, the day wasn't over yet, so I got to work and created a backdrop of sorts on our garage floor, so each kid could pose for the missed photo.

cool moms cool tips #btsconbritax floor graphic

Now I couldn't wait for the kids to get home so I could have my photo shoot!  Thankfully for the first day we had early release, so I could hear all the stories of the first day, the welcome they each received in their classrooms and of course mark the day with my pictures!

cool moms cool tips #btsconbritax celebrate

No homework and everything checked off every list, we sat down to share cake and keep building the excitement of a great school year.

Hope you are ready to make memories, friend,s and learn lots together!  How has your back to school been?  How are your marking the moment?

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