Have You Traveled to Miami Lakes, Florida?

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Usually when we think South Florida we think Miami, Beaches, party, bling, and shopping.
There is just so much to discover! Thanks to #FloridaWish we did just that in our backyard!
Our staycation of sorts took us to the Miami Lakes Miramar Marriott Courtyard. You can read our review on the hotel here.  
While we did enjoy the hotel and barely made our way out of it, we managed to visit downtown Miami Lakes.
Miami Lakes is a suburb of Miami.  From the city's webpage:

When it incorporated in December 2000, the Town of Miami Lakes became the 31st municipality in Miami-Dade County. Known as one of the youngest cities in the County, Miami Lakes is home to approximately 30,000 residents and more than 1,100 businesses.
The Master Plan began over 50 years ago, when the Graham family began development of what was their dairy farm. Unlike many cities and towns created during the early 1960s, the Grahams decided to create a master plan for the city that would allow for decades of growth, construction, and changing market conditions. Lester Collins, former Dean of the Harvard School of Architecture, was enlisted to create a Master Plan for the area that would become the center of Miami Lakes. Collins laid the foundation for an integrated community, including residential, commercial, industrial and mixed uses.
Here is an idea for you of where it is located:

There is plenty of local business plus the international business that gets generated mostly coming from Latin America is not small at all.  You need to keep in mind that Miami is considered the unofficial capital for Latin America, which spills over nicely into all the suburbs.
This bustling downtown does look like a sleepy little cute street. Nearby a private jet and small aircraft airport is very busy every day receiving executives and business people that come into the area.
It is worth driving to get to know Main Street Miami Lakes because it is so different to what we all envision of South Florida.  It very professional, yet at the same time it can be warm and welcoming.  The contrasts are definitvely there..  How about these neighboring cows spying on you around the area?
Adorable artwork!
cool moms cool tips #floridawish Miramar cow
Because we were not there on business, we went looking for good eats.  There are plenty to  enjoy for all budgets and tastes.  We got our hands on the top restaurant list by locals, and we are happy to share with you here:

Regardless of which you go visit you are sure to encounter a cow at every turn! 
Had you heard before about Miami Lakes?  Have you ever been?  Share with us your thoughts on this Miami suburb!

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