Simple and Exotic Avocado Smoothie #SmoothieChallengeMLN #MuyLatinas

We love our avocados in South America.
Always in season, you do see them in many typical dishes, and plenty of them in salads and as a good complement for soups.
Most Latin countries view avocado as something savory.
In Brazil; however, it is a versatile fruit that can double as savory or sweet.  I can be said that the entire country grows up on a great tasting smoothie that takes tourists aback when they first hear about it. Probably you are scratching your head as you read this, but give it a chance.

cool moms cool tips avocado smoothie

Not only is this delicious smoothie enjoyable, it has a power fruit at the base of it all.
Avocados are one of the world's healthiest foods, it protects you heart and eyes.  It helps our digestive system thanks to the high fiber content, and it is a natural anti-oxidant booster.

The Avocado smoothie recipe is extremely simple
cool moms cool tips avocado smoothie #smoothiechallengemln #muylatinas

A third tip we have on a weekly basis is freezing the mix into pops.  
You have to give this a try!  You will not regret it and will be discovering a great new way to consume a great source of goodness for our families.  If you are not quite sold yet, add some bananas to the recipe.  That should get your palate to realize it is so different to the image you have in your mind for avocados
To your good eating!
cool moms cool tips avocado smoothie serving

This smoothie is part of the MuyLatinas Smoothie-A-Day Challenge which aims at encouraging our consumption of fruits and veggies for a healthier diet. #SmoothieChallenge.  Join in for the chance to win a Magic Bullet blender!  All the details are in the link above.

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