Snack on Healthy Banana Blueberry Chia Seeds with a Smoothie! #MuyLatinas #SmootieChallengeMLN

Something we enjoy very much at home for a morning snack is a Banana - Blueberry - Chia smoothie.
Quick and easy, it is filling and full of the goodness of fruits, Chia seeds and good old milk.
I particularly like it besides its yummy flavor, because we include Chia in it.  Chia helps me reduce my food cravings.  I don't know how, and don't want to break the spell. It also makes me feel fuller faster.  In turn, this helps me if not loose weight, at least stay where I am at.
I have been told by my doctor that Chia seeds are rich in Omega 3.  Actually it contains more of it than Salmon.  Powerful little seed!  Doc also mentioned that it can help fight high blood pressure and the "Chia gel" (when you leave the seeds in water for 10 minutes, it starts absorbing water and the consistency become gel like of the mixture) hydrates athletes.

So, without further due, the ingredients for my smoothie:
cool moms cool tips #smoothiechallengemln ingredients

It is a very basic and straight forward recipe that you can prepare in the morning even as part of your breakfast.  See the instructions below and you will agree with me on how fast and easy it is to make:

cool moms cool tips #smoothiechallengemln banana blueberry smoothie recipe

This is so easy, it is now part of our "culinary" activities with the kids.  I invite them to help me make our snack and they enjoy thoroughly being the sous chefs.  Good thing is some of the ingredients begin to disappear as my helpers enjoy the fruits in their original state as we put together the smoothie.

Here is to your eating more fruits and vegetables everyday!
cool moms cool tips #smoothiechallengemln banana blueberry smoothi

This smoothie is part of the MuyLatinas Smoothie-A-Day Challenge which aims at encouraging our consumption of fruits and veggies for a healthier diet. #SmoothieChallenge.  Join in for the chance to win a Magic Bullet blender!  All the details are in the link above.

Disclosure: no compensation was received for posting this

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