Get a Shot and Help Give a Shot to A Child - Save a Life by Getting Your Immunizations at Walgreens

Oh-Oh, I hear the sniffles!  Sure enough the sniffles turned into the flu.  School is back in session and kids are bringing home a little more than homework. Also, a seasonal change is upon us.  Well not so much so for us in South Florida but the seasonal flu comes regardless if the degrees drop seriously or not. So, I had noted on my list of things to do booking a doctor appointment to get our immunizations in order. #shop

I was on my way to cross out vitamins, face wipes and some Halloween fun at Walgreens, when I realized they also offer flu vaccines - How great is this!
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This gets even better because while I am taking care of myself, I get a chance to  help a child in a developing country get a much needed, life saving vaccine.  It is a simple and fabulous campaign called "Get a Shot, Give a Shot" by Walgreens which works in tandem with the UN Foundation's Shot @ Life program.

If you are getting any type of shot this season, please do so at Walgreens. Because, for every flu shot or any other immunization vaccine you get, Walgreens will help so a lifesaving vaccine reaches a child in a developing country.  This campaign will be in effect from September 2nd through October 13th
cool moms cool tips #getashot #shop #collectivebias walgreens offers immunizations

Being myself from a developing country, I was very happy when #CollectiveBias asked me to join the #GetAShot campaign.  I can vouch for the enormous value this campaign has in bringing a chance at a healthy life for children living in harsh environments where going to a doctor could mean a day of walking.  We are talking about places where preventable illnesses like measles or whopping cough could easily become epidemics due to the lack of access to medicine.

Bottom line: in getting our vaccines and shots at Walgreens we truly are contributing to saving a life. Keep in mind that 1 in 5 children around the globe still lack access to the lifesaving immunizations. As a matter of fact, 1.7 million children will die from diseases that we consider eradicated in the USA, simply because there is no access to vaccines.  
Walgreens is  doing this at a global scale. Besides helping out children in third world countries, here at home, the company has already donated $10 million worth of free flu shots to Americans without health insurance via a voucher through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to help drive immunization rates among under-served populations throughout the country.
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It is rewarding to know we are helping a child have a chance at a healthy life.  Just to make this sweeter, there are more benefits to getting your shots at Walgreens:
Yes, we are talking total convenience and as always Walgreens once again proves it is my one stop shop for my needs. I had shared with you how Walgreens took my headache away and saved my life for Back to School here.  The fact is that, again, in one quick visit, I checked off my entire list.  I have to admit, I was the happiest scratching off that doctor's office visit.  I saved time and felt good about doing good.  
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Let's make a difference!  Let's get ready for flu season with our immunization at Walgreens , and let's  help children that need it most around the world!

Had you heard before about the #GetAShot program?  What do you think of it?

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