Halstens Throws Give Us More Reasons to Snuggle This Fall and Winter

Mmmmmmm there is plenty of pumpkin and fall spices in the air!
There are many ways to celebrate Autumn.  Today we are suggesting getting bundled up in a cozy corner with the super soft handmade throws by Hastens.  
We already told you about their Hammocks, bathrobes and travel pillows.
The company that has set out with a passion for sleep, just like us chasing after our loss of sleep after becoming parents, Hastens has been out on a mission to change the world through sleep, perfecting their technique at offering us the best bed to sleep in since 1852.

Using only the most natural materials like sustainable resourced horsehair, cotton, flax and Swedish pine among others,the use of natural materials and expert craftsmanship results in beds that offer deep natural sleep.  Sounds like a dream!  brings us 100% baby alpaca wool soft like cashmere throws to snuggle this season.

 Stronger than wool, Baby alpaca is also known for its natural breathability. This allows the throw to uniquely adjust to your changing body temperature. Alpaca wool is the only wool that does not contain lanolin, so it’s completely hypoallergenic and never itchy.  Available in the following hues:
·         Oatmeal
·         Ink
·         Charcoal
·         Birch
·         Nutmeg
WHERE TO FIND IT: http://www.hastens.com/en-us/ or Hästens stores.
Are you ready to get cozy this season?

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